Gotto d’oro flies to the country with stars and stripes for Simply Italian Great Wines US Tour 2022, a unique opportunity to promote Italian wine in America, thanks to direct meetings with local professionals and the press.

The event


Simply Italian Great Wines is the promotional tool that IEM and IEEM have made available to Italian producers since 2010, identifying foreign markets with a propensity for knowledge and consumption of Italian wine and organizing high-profile events with respect to locations, services and quality of invited operators and participating companies.

Today I.E.M. is the most active and experienced private service company in the promotion of Italian wine on international markets, which enjoys the trust of important national production companies and which boasts credibility and esteem among international operators and press.

Since 2007 the I.E.M. has established its branch in the USA, I.E.E.M., based in Miami, the ideal place for the promotion of  Made in Italy in the American continent.

Wine is passion, because you never stop knowing it. Inside each bottle, there are cultural, traditional, social and historical factors that increase exponentially in a country like Italy, where a multitude of realities coexist that reflect the characteristics of the production areas. A variety of elements that has transformed the passion for Italian wine of the creators of Simply Italian Great Wines into the desire to affirm its name and quality internationally.

The event is divided into four key moments:

  • Informative seminar and guided tasting
  • Commercial workshop / Walk-around tasting
  • Event evenings
  • B2B meetings

Gotto d’oro at the Simply Italian Great Wines US tour 2022

When: October 24-27, 2022
For more information: write to or visit the website