Vinea Domini, our dedicated line for restaurants at Vinoforum 2023: 20 years of wine and food in Rome, staged from June 9th to Sunday 18th at Parco Tor di Quinto.

The event


Haute Cuisine and Great Wines together to offer enthusiasts of this world only the excellence of our tradition. 10 days, 800 exhibiting companies, great chefs and master pizza makers, guided tastings and events. The single ticket includes admission to the event + glass + carnet of 10 wine tastings to be carried out within the event (except in areas with restricted access or with paid products) + participation in free events (by reservation on site).
Operators in the food & beverage sector enter for free by accrediting themselves at the entrance presenting a nominal business card. Sommeliers (FIS, AIS, ONAV, FISAR) by presenting their membership card can take advantage of a dedicated discount.


The Tor di Quinto park extends for about 9 hectares along the embankment of the River Tiber and is characterized by a source of water. It was recently built using a natural reservoir in the area. To get to the park you can take Via di Tor di Quinto from Ponte Milvio; after a short journey, turn right and continue a few meters, you arrive at the entrance served by a large car park.
The area surrounding the lake has been re-naturalized with the planting of 250 trees typical of wetlands such as poplars, ash trees, hornbeams and common oaks. A network of paths winds around the lake and among the tree essences, reaching the reeds that develop along the bend of the Tiber river that runs alongside the park. The lake is home to numerous species of sedentary and passing water birds that stop there thanks also to the proximity of the river.
The Vinoforum 2023 was set up inside the park, completely outdoors, with a wide and easily passable path.

The VINEA DOMINI tasting

Our wines will be available for tasting from June 9th to 18th at the Macoratti Agency Team’s booth.
It will be possible to taste the complete Vinea Domini line, the Gotto d’oro line of excellence dedicated to the HORECA channel produced through a protocol that provides for exclusive practices, for each of the varieties found on the labels. A process that starts from the deep knowledge of the precise characteristics that each of these wines must possess: first of all the slowness in aging (harmony between grape variety and territory, or terroir) and the correspondence to the varietal.

Characteristics that are reformed sip by sip, favoring identification with olfactory panoramas ranging from walnut to hazelnut, up to the nobility of almond and the autumnal sweetness of chestnuts, found in Chardonnay, to the surprising characteristics of Sauvignon, capable of meeting and finding refuge even in the most typical flavors of the Far East, to return to the mellow, round and wooded nature of Viognier beyond the Alps. International vines, as well as Petit Verdot or the proverbial Syrah, whose fragrance is full of the Middle Eastern afros of Ancient Persia, has managed to become the absolute protagonist over the centuries also in the vineyards and on the tables of the Bel Paese, even in its rosé variation.

Just like the piece de resistance of the winemaking and gastronomic tradition of Lazio: from the Frascati Superiore Docg to the Cesanese del Piglio Docg, excellent white & red wines that create an ideal bridge of comparison between the vineyards of the Castelli Romani and the upper Ciociaria up to create synthesis in the imperial name of Roma Doc, a white and a red, which lead us to the colors and tastes that have always characterized the history of wine in central Italy: with the Friccicore Malvasia del Lazio Igt and the Luccicore Syrah Rosato Igt Lazio, names that shine on the label, before descending happily across the palate to refresh and quench the senses of the cultured and experienced drinker.

Come and discover Vinea Domini at “VINOFORUM 2023”

When: June 9-18th– from 7pm to 12pm (Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 01am)
Location: Booth  | Team’s Agenzia Macoratti – Booth | Consorzio Tutela Denominazioni Vini Frascati
Address: Parco di Tor di Quinto – Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 10 – 00191 Roma
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