Pop elegance, simple and noble, the sovereign wine of the Castelli Romani


A trip cannot really be said… to “li Castelli” without one or more toasts filled with Frascati wine to accompany it.

Frascati wine

Take a seat all around the Lazio volcano, watched over by the looks of the two symbolic lakes, Albano and Nemi, open like real eyes, guardians of the beauty of nature, of animal and human fauna and of the finest products of the Colli Albani. Among these first fruits certainly stands out the Frascati Doc: true white gold, son of the grapes that grow in the best way on the medium heights of the Castelli Romani, precisely in the area that includes the entire administrative territory of the municipalities of Frascati, Grottaferrata, Monte Porzio Catone, and in part those of Rome and Montecompatri.

These are native grapes eminently from Lazio such as malvasia, trebbiano, bombino. Types of grapes that respond very well to the microclimates of the Castellan area, surrounded as it is known by volcanic soils. Indeed, Frascati is located on a bubble of water naturally rich in water availability.

The Frascati Doc, which has always been the flagship label of Gotto d’oro, finds its ease among the different formats of the winery in via del Divino Amore, in the 750 ML bottle of Settantacinque75 Line and in the one liter and a half, more affordable for everyone, at large-scale retail outlets.

A glass of wine, symbol of its territory

The main characteristic of Frascati Doc, in fact, in addition to obviously being the symbolic wine of an entire territory, for this very well known and finally appreciated throughout Italy and abroad, is to be a wine particularly adaptable to most tables and tastes.

Thus the natural pop elegance, its greenish yellow color with fresh, lively and intense aromas of lily of the valley, pineapple, with exotic hints of mango and papaya, make Frascati truly the prince of the table, suitable both for everyday lunches, as for anniversaries or interludes as an aperitif accompanied by delicate Roman-style fries.

A king also for the best pairings

The strongly mineral and savory nature makes the combination of Frascati Doc with fish-based dishes as well as with traditional Roman first courses even exceptional.

It is worth going a little further back in the enological history of this product strongly linked to its production area. A bond that was also sanctioned by a law.

The decree Frascati Doc

It is good to know that Frascati was among the first products in Italy to be able to boast the attribution of the DOC brand (Controlled Designation of Origin) which dates back to 1966. The production disciplinary of the Frascati Doc came into force on 1 ° of November 1966, labeling that had been recognized in the Italian codes just a few months earlier, in March 1966, when the then President of the Republic signed what today’s press would call the “Frascati decree”.

At the origins of kilometer zero

The fact is that in that text it was already foreseen that not only the cultivation but also the vinification operations of the DOC brand should take place at the same time and in the same place. A sort of ante litteram conception of what we now call “zero kilometer”.