The warm season is back, perfect for outdoor aperitifs, on the terrace, overlooking the lake or on the beach. To be enjoyed with friends, after a long day at work or at the weekend, happy hour is an essential relaxation event for many. Spritz and prosecco are the timeless aperitifs, but the wines are no less and in Italy we are spoiled for choice as regards the wines to use for a pleasant aperitif.

Aperitif wine: based on one’s taste


Fruity and aromatic white wines

Among the most popular whites during happy hour, fresh, aromatic, fruity, perfect for cheering the thirsty palate from the summer heat, we find Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Moscato Giallo, Riesling, Muller-Thurgau. But it is also possible to choose Grillo, Falanghina, Vermentino or the drier Pecorino, Lugana and Ribolla Gialla.

Soft reds

Although bubbles and white wine are the protagonists, this does not mean that the softer reds do not have their moment of glory from 6pm onwards. Even the reds are ideal to accompany appetizing canapés and meat-based rustic dishes, or the classic savory platters. The important thing is to choose a light red, not very structured and fresh, such as Sangiovese, Barbera, Pinot Noir, Bardolino.

Rosé protagonists

Even rosé wines have conquered the hearts of many, highly sought after above all by those seeking a sober taste and wanting to remain light in alcohol. They are interesting to accompany both cheese and fish finger foods.

Aperitif time with Gotto d’oro

Usually the aperitif wine is chosen on the basis of the dishes served and the peculiarity of the area in which we find ourselves. Thus, if in the south white wine is preferred to accompany fried fish finger foods, tomato and basil bruschetta and fresh fish, in the center the choice often falls on red wine to be sipped with cold cuts and cheeses, while in the north, prosecco or a sparkling white.

Even in Gotto d’oro we have a variety of quality wines, perfect adventure companions in this late afternoon exploration of taste. Ideal both for a classic “zero worries” aperitif, with peanuts, chips and olives, they can also be accompanied by cold cuts from the Castelli Romani, bread, cheese squares and Ariccia porchetta. There is therefore an ideal wine for every aperitif, let’s discover together the best aperitif wines signed Gotto d’oro.

Let’s uncork!

You can start with a Castelli Romani Doc Bianco fizzy, with a straw yellow colour, it combines Malvasia di Candia with Trebbiano. Its fruity scent makes it lovable and delicate, to be served cold with a calamarata alla romana or a fish snack. Another interesting white is the Friccicore Malvasia del Lazio Igt of the Vinea Domini line, the nose recognizes the aromas of fruit, apple, orange blossom, citrus. You can sip it while eating fish appetizers, even raw, or with a fried cod fillet, with a more robust flavour.

If, on the other hand, you are intrigued by red, the choice can fall on a Merlot Sparkling Igt Lazio, with an intense red and purplish reflections. Fruity and floral, it can be served slightly chilled and combined with simple aperitifs, white pizza, rustic dishes and savory side dishes.
When we are undecided between white and red, a rosé can clear our minds: the Luccicore Syrah Rosato IGT Lazio from the Vinea Domini line, with the scent of rose, lemon, violet, pomegranate and wild strawberries, is ideal to be combined with not too intense cured meats and cheeses, curious to taste with pizzas and supplì for a more informal and authentic aperitif.

Those who prefer to stick to the classics can try our Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry. Straw-yellow in colour, these bubbles have an intense and fruity taste: to be served cold, with creative dishes, even spicy ones. We just have to polish the glasses to toast to summer, the rest will be taken care of by the wine and good company!