We entered into the last month of cold evenings before summer time, therefore we suggest you different reds from the castelli romani for your dinner.

The red gold of the Castelli Romani, of the eternal city and of Lazio: a story of ancient passion.

Gotto d’oro rosso dei Castelli? Sure why not?

The embarrassment of choice and the pride of being the exception of quality to the “rule” of white wines certainly more characteristic of the Lazio volcano but not to the point of inhibiting the cultivation and production of other vines in the area which, indeed, have fully returned to the by now characteristic products of the volcanic territory, just south of the capital, recognized and appreciated thanks to its DOC brand.

It is therefore worth undertaking this fascinating and, it is appropriate to say, exciting and delicious journey into the deep red signed Gotto d’oro.

Gotto d’oro reds: an ancient tradition that has always been appreciated


The Castelli Romani Doc Rosso wine is one of the tipology included in the Castelli Romani Doc denomination. A long and millenary history which, over the centuries, has repeatedly seen recognition both in institutional terms and in terms of economic-commercial feedback.

The vines that form part of the composition of the Castelli Romani Doc Rosso wine: Sangiovese, Merlot, Montepulciano, Merlot, Cesanese comune, Nerobuono Sangiovese.

Castelli Romani Doc Rosso can be found both in the Classica line in the 2L format and in the 0.75L bottle Line75. It is a wine that is born in the area of the Controlled Designation of Origin of the Castelli Romani from Sangiovese grapes and other red berried vines, which benefit from the hilly, tufaceous nature and the altitude between 180 and 400 meters , characteristics of the cultivation areas of the Castelli Romani DOC grapes.

Of a strong red color with purplish reflections, an intense floral aroma that recalls in particular the fragrances of cherry and raspberry to return a soft, harmonious and persistent taste. Castelli Romani Doc Rosso pairs beautifully with most of the particularly doughy and tasty dishes of the Roman tradition: from bucatini all’amatriciana (check our recipe!) to pasta and beans among the first courses, up to roast meat and game.

It should be served at a temperature of 16° in ballon glasses which best enhance the body of the finest red wines.

Among the red proposals of the Classica line we also see a Lazio Igt in the one and a half liter format.

Red Doc of Rome

The Roma Doc Rosso also appears in the portfolio of Gotto d’oro reds. Available in the line75, aged for three months in barriques and destined for large-scale distribution and in the Vinea Domini line which, after six months in French oak barriques, is sold to restaurants and hotels. It is a characteristic wine of the Capitoline hills, with more recent history in terms of recognition of the DOC brand but no less appreciated for this.

Montepulciano-based from vineyards located between 200 and 300 meters above sea level, Roma Rosso Doc is characterized by a ruby-purple color with hints of black aubergine peel which on the nose give decisive notes of ripe red fruit, especially cherry , blackberry and plum with hints of spice and harmonic vanilla deriving from the passage in wood.

On the palate, we find a wine of good complexity, where strength and structure are in symbiosis with elegance and harmony. Excellent evolutionary potential and persistence of flavors that goes well with red meat dishes flavored with particularly tasty spices, such as Roman saltimbocca.

Cesanese: the tradition of red

In the line75 it is possible to find the Cesanese Igt Lazio, the type of Cesanese that is born near Rome, between Olevano and the Castelli Romani, where in ancient times it was also called as Bonvino Nero, Castrese, Sanguinella or Nero Ferrigno. Today more simply the common Cesanese which represents the most renowned native black berried variety of Lazio.

Moving decidedly southeast, exactly where the territories of the Roman and Ciociaria provinces meet, passing through the Castles, we enter the red tradition of Cesanese d’Affile.

We at Gotto d’oro offer the Cesanese del Piglio Docg, the only vine in Lazio to have received the guaranteed original controlled denomination mark, among the labels of the Ho.Re.Ca Vinea Domini line.

Unique characteristics and such as to make these wines perfect accompaniments of appetizers with very seasoned salami, first courses based on meat sauces, not infrequent in the Ciociara tradition, but also roasted meat main courses, in particular lamb chops .