A better world is possible: let’s toast to it! Green like hope, green like solidarity, green like the new life of Gotto d’oro: “Prosit!”
Green stands for cosmic harmony. Gotto d’oro has chosen to follow the path of eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility with the greatest possible decision in its new season.

New eco-sustainable production cycle


This is how the new production cycle was born, imagined with an idea of growth and development capable of combining with what is the real need for progress to be practiced for the good of each and all. At every level of the production process, which for a winery consists of four fundamental values, linked to energy consumption, water consumption, the use of raw materials and materials, generation of waste and secondary raw materials.
The Line75, in fact, sees the use of sustainable materials, from lighter glass bottles, FSC certified labels and cartons, 100% recyclable cork caps.
With the use of these stoppers, Gotto d’oro is participating in the “ETICAL Project“, born from the will of Amorim Cork Italia (historic cork stopper manufacturer): a new model of circular economy aimed at the collection and virtuous reuse of any cork stopper.

Saving water and photovoltaic energy

Generally, it should be known that Gotto d’oro operates thanks to a valid photovoltaic system connected to the national grid. About 90% of the water resources used in the production process, from the sanitization of the cellar to the washing of the equipment and the rinsing of the bottles, derive from wells and the remaining 10% are drawn from the aqueduct.

Corks recycling: social as means of sustainability

A total harmony that must go viral in order to work.
For this reason, the supplier of cork stoppers that works with Gotto d’oro, Amorim Cork Italia, recently signed an agreement with Assohandicap Onlus of Marino. The union between Gotto d’oro, Amorim Cork Italia and Assohandicap Onlus turns out to be an authentic exclusive laboratory in Lazio, as there are no other associates.

Specifically, the agreement provides that Amorim Cork Italia delivers the Ethical boxes for the collection of corks to the affiliated association. The association takes care of positioning the boxes in strategic points, raising awareness among citizens through initiatives and campaigns.

A thousand lives like… a cork stopper

The corks are then stored in a collection point. The caps must then be subjected to a manual selection to eliminate any waste of caps and cages or plastic caps erroneously inserted in the box. Finally, they are sold to the company specialized in cork recycling, Amorim Cork Italia, which pays the association, as a donation, the share of €700 for each ton of corks collected.
The caps are then shredded and destined for various uses in the field of green building: from the creation of insulating or sound-absorbing panels to floors or absorbent material for the recovery of pollutants dispersed in nature.
Amorim Cork Italia undertakes to ensure that the economic consideration for the quantity of corks collected is destined for the association which uses the money to support its solidarity projects.