Now that thanksgiving is over, let’s concentrate this month to Christmas and end-of-the-year at the table: immersion in the taste of…wine!

Glasses of greetings, signed Gotto d’oro, for the end-of-year celebrations which, even in this 2022 with a thousand events, await us strengthened by one of the most traditional settings that has always brought everyone together: the laid table, that brings together not only families but often also very different and distant worlds. Floods of dishes, often cooked according to rigorous traditions that with traditional wines, especially in an area like the Capitoline one, can really sparks and transform the ritual into a surprise and a new inebriation to live. Like it was the first time.

So let’s arm ourselves with imagination and a little desire to stir-fry, simmer, fry to make the upcoming end-of-year celebrations truly unforgettable.

False Lean Christmas Eve


The first dinner. What some bathe with a midnight toast between the bubbles and the crackling of the wrapping paper, while the believers, more soberly, conclude in church, waiting for the “Gloria” with the bells to announce the birth of the Child Jesus.

At the risk of being good-naturedly blasphemous, we could therefore say that on December 24th almost all dinners end in Glory. Even with the breath that, honestly, could well be defined as at least ironic, on the fact that on Christmas Eve you eat lean.

Therefore it is worth going to experience so much lightness that opens the dance with a fish-based appetizer garnished with seafood salad, shrimp, marinated eel, pickles, marinated anchovies, flavors which can be gracefully combined with the splendid Friccicore by Vinea Domini, an excellence of the Lazio vineyards which, with its olfactory references, brings the appetizer closer to fragrances of apple, rose, orange blossom and citrus fruits.

Moving on to the first courses, the Christmas Eve tradition soothes a placid taste from the union of delicate flavors such as spaghetti with clams and an unmissable risotto with scampi cream, delights capable of pampering the palate in depth which take as more than a legitimate husband a white that could also reign supreme on a fish-based table. We are obviously referring to the Frascati Superiore Docg of Vinea Domini characterized by its typical fragrance that lives thanks to the aromatic complexity of the only white Docg of Lazio.

Proceeding with the courses, the “lean” becomes more crunchy and becomes a roast fish with oven-baked prawns and a side dish of the inevitable Roman-style fried foods (broccoli, cauliflower, cod fillets) to be dined with a noble but tastier red Roma Doc Vinea Domini.

To end on a sweet note with dried fruit and tangerines and, for those planning a night out playing cards, Christmas sweets and those of the area (nougat, pangiallo, gingerbread, panettone) underlined by the lively Vermentino Vendemmia Tardiva Igt Lazio, still of the Vinea Domini line.

Christmas: traditional ingredients for lunch

From the noble appetizer based on buffalo stracciatella, Russian salad and a very chic veal with tuna sauce, preciousness that lends itself to the elegance of the wild and intriguing white that only the Sauvignon of Vinea Domini can give us.

The tortellini in meat broth are unmissable and do not disdain the exceptional simplicity of a Frascati Doc from Linea75 ready to be served at the banquet of Roman flavors roasted alla scottadito with the ever-present potatoes and chicory salad dressed with oil and a pinch of garlic dampen with the red, intense flavor of the Capitoline red par excellence, the Roma Doc Rosso of Linea75.

Wines for New Year’s Eve: the real New Year’s Eve dinner

An evening to enjoy. Unmissable. In which we will not miss anything.
From the typical Italian antipasto with a platter of mixed cheeses, cured meats, vegetables, mozzarella and ricotta, preferably buffalo, to be served with delicious bruschetta and olives. An enjoyable and cheeky appetizer like the Luccicore of Vinea Domini, a Syrah-based rosé from Lazio.

To follow a luxuriant risotto with seafood tamed by the freshness of a glass of Vermentino from Line75. Waiting for the imperial midnight, when the firecrackers will be replaced by a thunderous and powerful glass filled with the imperial and imperious Cesanese Doc of Line75 together with the lucky charm: the cotechino with lentils.

The surprising whites for New Year’s Eve

White surprise at the beginning of the year also for the first courses with lasagna tagliatelle or fresh pasta with meat sauce accompanied by a Roma Doc Malvasia Puntinata of Vinea Domini.

Up to the exaltation of taste with a triptych of fish capable of igniting the party based on fine salmon, fried and capitone triumphant in a toast to a tasty and aromatic year that can boast the honor of starting in a glass of Chardonnay by Vinea Domini. For a year that wish to be really good.