Gotto d'Oro Classica Line

The pride of Lazio
between tradition and innovation

Through its Classica (classic) Line, Gotto d’oro celebrates the presence of the wine of Rome on the tables of all Italians. The families of this beautiful country have become accustomed to serving the white Marino and Frascati DOC wines with the delicious traditional Italian dishes.

These wines, strongly characterised from a territorial point of view, are the fruit of autochthonous varieties and a clear expression of the flavours and characteristics peculiar to the hills of the Lazio Volcano, so much so that they have rapidly become a brand, which is now considered common heritage by the average clientele and our country’s wine sector.

The wines of the Gotto d’oro Classica Line can be considered both as a reflection of the flavours and colours typical of the areas around Rome and a driver for the growth of the production, distribution and knowledge of DOC wine and the Castelli Romany territory in Italy and abroad.

Classica Line

1 litre Doc and Igt wines

Classica Line

1,5 litre and Igt wines

Classica Line

1,5 litre IGT wines

Classica Line

2 litre DOC wines

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