Roma Doc: nice tipicity taste, simplicity and elegance in the name of the Eternal City.


Do all vineyards lead to Rome just like all roads? Absolutely not.

Unless we are talking about Gotto d’oro known by all, for over 75 years, as the wine of Rome.

In fact, we are talking about the crossroads cellar between the main routes around the capital. A strategic position that over the decades has told history and stories magically imprinted in the colors and flavors of its products.

Roman wines from the coast to the hills

Thus in this fragrant intersection of horizons and branches that cross the Lazio territories in the central strip that goes from the coastal territories, to the Roman Sabina, passing through all the Colli Albani, the Colli Prenestini and part of the Roman countryside, in the province of Rome, every day the most sought after and enjoyable tastings that are poured into glasses under the noble label of Roma Doc.

The elegance of Rome inside a bottle

Entering the cool spaces of the winery, around the elegant Salotto del Vino located in the winery shop that welcomes the lucky visitor, we immediately find the Roma Doc in the two qualities of white and red in the very elegant Settantacinque75 line. A choice of production, born on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary (which is why of the line75 name) of the foundation of Gotto d’oro, which day by day is strengthened in the conviction and in the desire to couple, with ever greater feeling and awareness, the great tradition of the wines of Rome and the Lazio, a peculiarity inherent to the cellar in via del Divino Amore, and the future perspective, through the conquest of a younger, more lively clientele and lover of good living.

Roma Doc Bianco: perfect cross between Rome and the Castelli Romani area

The symbol, without taking away the scepter from Frascati which is at home, but offering more particular points of taste, one might say Capitolini, is the white Roma Doc. A real breath of Ponentine winds on the tables of Romans and tourists who land in the Eternal City and perhaps choose to taste a proverbial dish of tonnarelli cacio e pepe which goes perfectly with the Rome bianco.
The main vine in this sense could only be the Malvasia del Lazio (also called Malvasia Puntinata), that particular grape, marked by small dots on the skin of the berries which make it unique and capable of giving the wine its characteristic straw yellow color with greenish reflections. This grape is semi aromatic and give an enveloping olfactory aspect, with intense notes of ripe fruit, in particular apricot and melon, and subtle sensations of citrus and aromatic musk.
The taste of the white Roma Doc is harmonious overall, thanks to the elegant minerality, the maximum expression of the volcanic nature of the soils of the Roman Hills.
To be served at a temperature of 12° in the characteristic tulip-shaped glass capable of best preserving and sipping the numerous and fresh volatile odors characteristic of this clear and tasty nectar.

Roma Doc Rosso: a divertissement in the name of the Italian tradition

The lucky tourist grappling with a wonderful Roman holiday, as well as the wise native passionate about good taste, will therefore be able to proceed with his dinner by switching to a delicious second course based on meat cooked in the Roman style: the famous saltimbocca whose perfect accomplice, is really the Roma Doc Rosso.

Produced with two italian excellent black berries: Montepulciano and Sangiovese; the color shines with purplish glint typical of the black aubergine skin.

The notes of ripe red fruits on the nose are decisive. In particular, aromas of cherry, blackberry and plum can be perceived with hints of spices and harmonic vanilla deriving from the ageing in wood.

In general, on the palate, Roma Doc rosso is a wine of good complexity, where strength and structure are in symbiosis with elegance and harmony. The evolutionary potential and the persistence of the flavors are excellent, which are enhanced upon arrival at the table at a temperature of 16/18°.

The good mood that will accompany the gourmet at the end of such a tasty and noble lunch will be one of the perfect souvenirs of our Eternal City.